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Nozomu Uchida

1987 神奈川県横浜市生まれ
2010 多摩美術大学 美術学部工芸学科金属専攻 卒業
2012 多摩美術大学大学院 美術研究科工芸学科金属専攻 卒業

2014 アートフェア東京2014(~2018年同様)
2014 『おかやメタルArt Zoo-金属で作られる動物たち展-』/市立岡谷美術考古館(長野)
2015 『ぺこちゃん展』平塚市美術館(神奈川)
2016 個展『Animal Ability』ギャラリー玉英
2018 Art Central(香港)
2018 個展
『Animal Power』/ふなばしアンデルセン公園子ども美術館(千葉
2018 個展『Living Things』/ギャラリー玉英

2008 『4ヴィジョン』特別審査員賞
2009 『夢ビエンナーレ』入選、八王子市夢美術館
2010 『第46回神奈川県美術展』入選
2010 『M.A.S.S』ファイン大賞、多摩美術大学芸術祭
2011 『第47回神奈川県美術展』工芸部門入賞、美術奨学会記念賞
2014 『第50回神奈川県美術展』工芸部門大賞
2017 『第53回神奈川県美術展』平面立体部門はまぎん財団賞



Every species has its own mysterious abilities such as flying, swimming, seeing through the dark, etc. Each has its way to survive in this world. In their special biological feature and nature, Uchida finds the uniqueness of living organisms. By flipping through pages of animal encyclopedia or travelling to his favourite zoo just like kids, Uchida’s imagination transcends actual shapes and movements of the subject, which expands the motif even further. Thus, his cat has a rocket on her back as she ‘appears as she would fly away from jumping’ as Uchida says, and because rabbits are said to be living on the moon in Japan, for Uchida’s work, the rabbit is looking into a telescope in his spacesuit.
Transforming the artist’s playful picture of animals into mechanics requires powerful force. What shapes Uchida’s 3D works is the traditional technique of Tankin (metal hammering), applying various types of hammers to a piece of heated iron. First, he creates a small prototype with clay and wire, and then moves on to the process of hammering metal a several million times. ‘When it takes the shape I wanted it to be, there’s a sense of exaltation just like sports’, says Uchida, ‘when you know you’ve given all your power to it’.  This way, Uchida becomes a homo sapiens with his unique ability to hammer metal to create chicken, penguin, cow, whale, etc., and continues to update his encyclopedia one by one.


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Shark to sense




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Morning Bird


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